Benjie Leogardo: Pursuing Personal Transformations

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They say the people you surround yourself with is a reflection of who you are.

And being with Management Strategies, a cross section where some of the best in the consultancy business are to be found, MgtStrat Consultant Benjamin Leogardo validates the adage.

Benjie enjoys working with the team “because people are passionate about their work, creative, and always pushing the envelope in terms of program delivery and content”.

The veteran consultant began his involvement with MgtStrat way back in 2000, four years after going full-time into the consulting circuit.

“Being able to contribute to personal transformations” is what he likes most about his job.

Benjie is a certified Action Learning Coach and an expert in human resources management, organizational development, and training and facilitation. Aside from his work with Management Strategies, he has worked with numerous business consulting companies in the country and overseas.

Besides consulting, the affable Benjie also finds time to contribute his services to NGOs, foundations, as well as various social, civic, and church-based organizations.

His extensive experience in the field has brought him around the world where he has served a great number of enterprises over the span of more than three and a half decades.

The likable senior consultant shares that he found a distinct environment within MgtStrat – unique from other firms he has worked with in the past. Benjie, who considers his vocation more as a passion rather than work, feels that the organization brings “diverse personalities closer together with a collective aim for excellence.”

“There is a culture of excellence, and there is a real desire to be able to satisfy every client’s needs,” he adds.

Benjie recalls one of the memorable moments he had with MgtStrat, an experience that helped cement his liking for the company. “There was this one engagement that involved a joint venture of three competing companies. The objective was to make them work together, collaborate to work on a particular project.”

It was quite a challenge for him, considering the competitive nature of the clients and the differences in their work cultures.

“It was quite difficult – they had personal and perhaps cultural differences amongst them. Even before we started, cooperation among them was quite hard to achieve. And we had to really come out with desired outcomes by the end of the day. The representatives of the three competing companies themselves were surprised that it worked so succesfully,” remembers Benjie, who credited the caliber of MgtStrat facilitators in handling such situations.

According to Benjie, the team ably handled the varying personalities, intervened in the right way, and instilled professionalism among everyone involved.

“Everyone is just passionate and dedicated while keeping things light and fun. What I enjoy most about working at MgtStrat are the people. The work itself is also always challenging and innovative,” Benjie adds.
The seasoned facilitator and performance coach cites that despite the diversity of personalities and backgrounds, MgtStrat’s agile consultants work together smoothly and effectively, no matter the challenge and circumstance.

Although he has engagements with other firms, Benjie thinks that MgtStrat’s unique qualities are the reasons why he keeps on doing programs for the company with zeal and enjoyment.

“I stayed with MgtStrat all these years because the people behind it are a lot of fun to be with. They are cutting-edge and have a strong push towards excellence,” Benjie explains.

“You’re always challenged because everything we do is customized and not canned. Plus, they are all willing to go into areas where other consulting firms haven’t tried yet. That’s why working with them really challenges me,” he adds.

For the time being, Benjie wants to focus more on mentoring and life coaching as he finds bliss and pride whenever he sees clients improve for the better.

“I see myself as a teacher (more than a consultant). I like people to see themselves changing, which results in organizations changing as well. I like seeing people see greater value in themselves and greater value in what they are doing,” he says.

Like the lives he touched, Benjie is preparing to undergo a personal transformation in the near future. “I’m not getting any younger. I don’t have the energy that I used to have. So now I want to focus more on mentoring and life coaching.”

Now, maybe he can also find more time to pursue his other passion—to travel. Knowing Benjie, he is always raring to come right back to imparting his vast knowledge in whatever way he can.


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