Dax Cobarrubias: Confessions of an Introvert Consultant

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Teaching is a highly social profession, so it would follow that all teachers are extroverts, right? Wrong.

Dax Cobarrubias is a self-confessed introvert and one of the new Action Learning coaches for Management Strategies. And he utilizes his passion to share his expertise as a yoga instructor and consultant to come out of his shell.

“I am an introvert. So when I tried teaching, I realized that I could be an introvert and at the same time connect with people by sharing my  knowledge and expertise,” says Dax, who has been a full-time yoga instructor since 2010 after spending 10 years teaching Entrepreneurship to college students.

“When you are talking about something you are passionate about, you lose yourself and stop being an introvert.”

Dax graduated from the De La Salle University in 1993 with a degree in Business Management after which he worked for the family business.  Soon after, he operated a food franchise on his own. After realizing that this was not his passion, he started teaching for St. Scholastica’s College (2000-07) and his alma mater DLSU (2007-2010).  He confessed that though he loved teaching, he wanted to add a new dimension to his teaching.

Then, he found yoga. “It helped me a great deal,” Dax says.

And as his interest in yoga became deeper, he found a door to that new dimension.  “Eventually, I got addicted to yoga which I practice every day. I got close to the yoga community and as a teacher, I realized that teaching yoga is something I could also do. I enjoy yoga, I enjoy teaching, and it is sustainable. So that’s when I decided to shift from the classroom to teach in yoga studios,” says Dax.

Ironically, Dax enjoys being in front, giving instruction and sharing his knowledge. “It’s a career that I love, but it also scares me because I’m an introvert. So whenever I finish a program, I always get an adrenaline rush because I’ve overcome my fears.”

And as fate would have it, it was through these sessions that introduced him to the Management Startegies family.

“Yoga was my door to MgtStrat,” recalls Dax.  He was asked to do the yoga portion of a life balance program for an MgtStrat client by his yoga students Ian Paredes and Val Eraña, both partners in MgtStrat.

“At first I resisted because I didn’t want to do yoga at 6 am and out of town, but when they shifted the schedule to the evening, I finally joined as a consultant,” he adds. “Medyo matigas ang ulo ko, kasi it took two years before I agreed. All because I didn’t want to teach yoga early in the morning.”

But as he started working with MgtStrat, everything clicked. “Maybe it’s because teaching is my comfort zone. And the fact that I’m teaching something I am passionate and knowledgeable about,” he says.

With his background in yoga and stress management, Dax sees the importance of relieving stress in work through programs which he helps Management Strategies offer to clients.

“The thing with the corporate world is that they want high performance with high results on a consistent basis. People may be achieving things in their careers but they lack time for family and themselves. Stress will eventually take its toll on them,” he observes.

Dax introduced Mindful Meditation to MgtStrat clients, which eventually led him to design a Mindful Leadership module for the company. “The principle behind mindful leadership is to still perform well in your career but to take time to recharge. Because when you recharge, you can be more productive and at the same time, you are not sacrificing your wellness, your sanity, and family.”

Dax says MgtStrat allows him to design his own program with the green light to experiment. This is why he chose to work with MgtStrat, and keeps him working with the firm.

Apart from this, Dax remembers how the partners put their trust in his expertise and how he is able to fit in their programs. “There were times when I was in doubt and would get anxious, but I get effective coaching from the MgtStrat family which gives me the resilience to perform.”

Now, his goal is to expand the Mindful Leadership program and thinks that it would be great if all MgtStrat consultants will be certified as mindful leadership consultants in the future.

“It’s slowly becoming a trend, we have to be one step ahead. We have to see what the others have never done. And being certified is one of them.”

Dax’s vision comes as a result of the way MgStrat always challenges its consultants to bring something new to the table that will provide solutions for the clients.


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