Maita Beltran: A Passion For Healing Organizations

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Consultant Maita Beltran has a degree in BS Biology as her mother wanted her to be a doctor someday. Though she didn’t become a licensed medical doctor, she still finds herself healing not only individuals, but unlikely patients such as organizations – MgtStrat clients.

Prior to her work as a consultant, Maita was an advertising copywriter where she got exposed to the visual arts. This quickly unleashed her creativity, specifically in the area of painting. She has at least twenty solo and group exhibitions to her name, and has been featured in nationwide media, academic papers and online publications.

Using her creativity she found a medium in MgtStrat. “Being creative helps a lot in this line of work. Facilitating things involve solving a lot of small problems that come up unexpectedly. Since you have no control on how things will turn out during the whole process, you have to be agile and creative in order to adapt and come up with reliable and sound solutions.”

“Also, when you design MgtStrat programs for clients, you have to be creative because we do not offer canned programs and clients want new things every time,” she adds. “I enjoy designing programs because it challenges me to meet client’s objectives while looking for ways to make them unique yet effective. That is what drives me to continue perfecting my skills including facilitation work. Right now, I’m also a strong advocate of Action Learning.”

According to Maita, Action Learning is one of the most impactful tools MgtStrat has. It is here where participants get to know themselves better, on a professional as well as personal level. As a Certified Action Learning Coach, she might, during a session, ask: “What impact will you have on your team or family if you develop competencies that make you a better leader/person?”

Through Action Learning, an employee or organization will be able to more clearly identify problems as well as the practical and doable options to take.

Action Learning is one of the most impactful tools MgtStrat has. It is here where participants get to know themselves better, not just on a professional level, but on a personal level too.

For her, this is also what sets apart MgtStrat from other consulting companies. “MgtStrat is a living, breathing entity. Before, I saw it as ‘just’ a company. But over the years, they ‘humanized’ themselves. This is why they’re different – it’s not just about money. For MgtStrat, it’s always been about relationships. Not only with the clients, but also with the consultants.”

And so she has been with MgtStrat for 14 years because of this. “I consider MgtStrat as my family.” She “grew up” with them, she says. She met Tina Alfariz and the other partners in the 1990s and has remained friends with them since.

Apart from this, what drives her to do this kind of work is the fulfillment that she gets after each program is completed. “Knowing that you’ve made a difference and impact on others, that is worth all the effort and work we put into it.”

She shares this one memorable experience: “I led a series of nutrition camps for a client that took my team and me all over the country. It was through this that I experienced facilitating for a batch of participants right on the delivery bay of their warehouse in Bohol. That day, we used the sides of their delivery trucks as a board to capture their insights. We moved around a lot that day, moving from one shaded area to another within the warehouse’s parking lot. At the end of the day, we were all exhausted from the heat. But I was happy that the participants were happy with their insights and other learnings. Ito yung sobrang pagod na event pero sulit.” (It was a very exhausting event but it was worth it)

Indeed, although she didn’t get into the medical field, she’s able to contribute to the “healing of individuals and organizations. It’s about touching lives.”

“MgtStrat continues to develop, update and make itself relevant to the times. They do not exist just to absorb in more clients, but they first and foremost seek to help and make a difference to them. To deliver not just the results the clients want, but also what they need,” she says.

Maita is also a big fan of MgtStrat’s near-to-flawless execution of its programs. “Of course, there will be hitches along the way, but you will almost not notice it because of MgtStrat’s experience, professionalism, and agility. MgtStrat is an excellent brand, an established brand in the consulting industry and among its clientele.”

With all this in mind, she still sees herself in the consulting profession even if she wins the lottery, and with MgtStrat in the following years. “I will continue to work with Mgtstrat because I appreciate the expertise and skills of the tenured consultants. Work ethic is high. Work output is excellent. I also learn a lot and appreciate the fresh knowledge that I get from a few younger/newer consultants. MgtStrat also shares my passion and how our work positively impacts individuals and organizations.”

Maita has gone a long way as a consultant. With her experience, she also wants to impart her wisdom to younger and aspiring consultants. Her advice is: “Go through all the roles. From marshaling to facilitating to designing programs, etc. Learn. And learn it well. You cannot wing it. And always think of the participants because it’s not about you, but it’s always about them. All the time.”


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