Looking Back. Moving Forward.

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Management Strategies is proud to be marking our 25th year in the Philippines.

Our journey began in Hong Kong with a single life-changing decision – to expand Management Strategies’ services to the Philippines. The Hong Kong company had created a reputation for its unique approach to effecting a paradigm shift in organizations. It was a part of an international learning and development company, and from HK we served other Asian countries. So why not my own home country?

It has been an amazing journey fueled by many learnings and challenges. Organizations look for profitability. They also look for customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. People want to enjoy what they are doing. They want to make a difference. They want to be valued for their contribution. Our challenge has always been to design a different approach to match the varying priorities and nuances of the corporate cultures. To make it memorable so that it becomes an effective catalyst to culture change.

It has been an amazing journey fueled by many learnings and challenges.

Looking back at the past 25 years gave me a moment of pause, to reflect, and to consider how we have spent our time. I believe we’ve done well by growing our services and our team strategically while maintaining our high standards.

But what has given us the most satisfaction is celebrating successes with our clients and our team, watching little pockets of excellence gradually form until the entire organization is infected, and seeing our clients and consultants become more strategic and agile in how they go about their business.

Moving forward will be an exciting one. With a larger focus on research, we will be able to bring in and develop services and people that are better able to meet the challenge of an increasingly complex and volatile environment. With your support, we aim to be recognized as an expert in culture building and organizational transformation in Asia.

And it’s all about people.

To our clients: I would like to thank our clients for the opportunity to work with them, for their trust and confidence in us, and for always challenging us to be better. Many of our clients have become advisors, friends and even our cheerleaders!

To my partners and team members: I am grateful for the incredibly talented, passionate, and supportive mavericks that I have worked with, past and present. And for the laughter in all the serious planning session. I’m humbled to be in your company.

And a special shout out to Tina – for sure this wouldn’t have happened without you. You’re the best!

Elcee Asuncion Villa
Managing Partner, MgtStrat Asia


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