MGTSTRAT-U Equips Leaders with the Tools and Mindsets for the Challenges Ahead

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For almost 30 years, Management Strategies has lived out its purpose of “transforming people and organizations, so that together they can transform society” through its innovative and relevant services. These include their expert consulting approach, transformative frameworks, and inspiring learning programs.


Since early this year, numerous new challenges have arisen with COVID-19 changing the very way people work, do business, and communicate. This pandemic has forced leaders and corporate executives to step up and seek new ways to support their clients and workforce.

In order to help organizations navigate the rapidly changing business environment, Management Strategies developed MGTSTRAT-U, a series of bite-sized learning sessions that aim to empower individuals and teams with practical skills and mindsets to help cope and thrive in our disrupted work environment.

This framework was authored by Dr. John Kao and published by WEF.

These virtual learning sessions are built and adapted from the work of Dr. John Kao around the 6 Leadership Intelligences needed to drive smart leadership at a time of discontinuity. These 6 Intelligences are: technological, moral, contextual, social and emotional, generative, and transformative.


The tailored approach of MGTSTRAT-U was developed after months of consultation with small and large organizations and executives from different fields and diverse business backgrounds. Through these consultations, Management Strategies discovered that many executives wanted to learn how to support their staff and move forward together as a team. “Nobody expected this pandemic; nobody expected this lockdown. Needless to say, COVID-19 has disrupted the work and business environment, and so many are grappling with how to cope and thrive,” shares Miggy Zaballero who leads MGTSTRAT-U.

Currently, the urgent concerns of organizations revolve around how to adapt to digitally-reliant work, how to motivate and support employees who work from home, and how to nurture trust and communication through virtual encounters. All of these are challenges that have become – and will continue to be – part of the new normal.

MGTSTRAT-U addresses many of these through close to 50 learning sessions categorized under the 6 Leadership Intelligences. Each session is facilitated by expert Management Strategies consultants and is held via Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or a client’s preferred online platform.

Typically, these sessions are two to three hours long. And to maximize learning and retention, Management Strategies has designed them to be interactive, insightful, and purpose-led, with break out rooms and activities to keep participants engaged.

“Each intelligence track and program serves its own purpose. You do need all six for you to succeed and the beauty of MGTSTRAT-U is that people can start from anywhere with any session. It’s also important to know that a number of people are already strong at some of the intelligences,” adds Elcee Asuncion Villa, Managing Partner of Management Strategies Asia. “And so you can begin from where you most need to right now,” continues Miggy.

“If employees are burnt out or stressed, then I would recommend anything from the Social and Emotional Intelligence stream, or even any of the other sessions, depending on what gives them stress,” suggests Miggy.

Designed for groups of 20 to 50 people, these learning programs are flexible enough to be scaled up or down, and tweaked, depending on the client’s specific objectives and audience.

“Each time you attend an MGTSTRAT-U workshop, our priority will always be its impact,” adds Elcee. “We design the learning sessions to ensure take-home value. We address our client’s main objectives and bridge the gap between what they need right now and how to get them to where they want to be in the coming months.”

As many businesses have had to pivot during the pandemic, organizations may have concerns about finding purpose and direction, which can be clarified through MGTSTRAT-U’s Moral Intelligence learning sessions. Contextual, Generative, and Transformative Intelligences, on the other hand, are relevant when looking for ways to strategize and pivot.

“So where you start really depends on where you stand. There are numerous possible starting points that organizations can take and different tracks that they can pursue. If they are unsure, then Management Strategies can definitely guide you and help you through a roadmap,” share the two.

Needless to say, the pandemic has not only affected organizations, but also teams and individuals. In this situation, Management Strategies opens up its empowering, life-changing program through its freshly launched Public Programs.

These specially curated sessions, also based on the 6 Leadership Intelligences, aim to help those who are seeking to learn new skills and equip themselves with the right tools and mindsets to help them move forward.

The weekly Public Programs will start on August 18. Participants may avail of promos and discounts on bundled packages upon registration.

The pandemic has turned life as we knew it upside-down, and we must learn to adapt and live with these new challenges.

While the future may seem uncertain, every individual and organization can definitely move forward with confidence, ready, and able to turn every new challenge into an opportunity with Management Strategies.

Learn more about MGTSTRAT-U Learning Programs and the Schedule of the Public Programs on http://www.mgtstrat-asia.com/mgtstrat-u-public-program-offerings/

This article was written by Kristel Dacumos for Management Strategies

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