About Us


Management Strategies is an Asia based consulting company dedicated to enabling organizations successfully weather the storms of a volatile and complex environment through Culture Building and other Organizational Change Services.

Our purpose is to transform people and organizations, so that together, we transform society.

We help our clients create a competitive advantage through their people. We are an expert in Culture Building and Organizational Transformation, and have helped various local and multinational companies transform into healthy and productive workplaces that enabled them to achieve business results. The difference we make lies in our ability to help individuals and teams harness their full potential for a healthier functioning organization and sustained profitability.

Our promise is a Transformed Organization, well poised for sustainable growth. We assure you of an impactful engagement that will serve as a catalyst for your organization’s success.



We collaborate intimately with organizations to create customized approaches and breakthrough results in 4 essential core areas – Strategy, Leaders, Capability, and Teams. When combined, we are able to impact a 5th core area – Culture.

STRATEGY – We partner with our clients to help them create their desired future. We design customized and innovative solutions to enable performance excellence by offering organizational diagnosis, strategic planning, strategic alignment, and change integration.

LEADERS – We help organizations effect individual performance and developmental changes that are consistent with personal and organizational goals through executive coaching, leadership development, EQ & mindfulness and other customized interventions tailored to your needs.

CAPABILITY – We boost the competencies of work teams so that they can more effectively enhance organizational performance. We tailor management development programs, competency and skills development. We help you understand your people through Individual assessments and support your organization’s learning and development through curriculum design.

TEAMS – We take pride in taking team engagement to the next level. We have energized and engaged small teams of 5 to large teams of up to 800 people using activities such as sailing, scuba diving and dragon boat racing in themed and adventure programs. We incorporate the power of fun & play in team development, team profiling, conferences, conventions and kick-offs.

CULTURE – We believe that a strong organizational culture is a company’s only sustainable competitive advantage. Through our services around Branded Culture, life balance, Action Learning and psychological safety we are able to transform cultures and propel small and large organizations to confidently navigate through the waters of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Watch out for our digital transformation services.


 In any Management Strategies engagement, our team of Partners and highly experienced consultants will collaborate with you to achieve your desired results.

Our Partners and consultants have years of experience in various fields locally and internationally.  We will bring our combined expertise in business, finance, marketing, research, education, theatre, sports, events management, and various social sciences to provide an impactful engagement in response to your need.

You will be collaborating with some of our high caliber Partners and Consultants whose consultative approach, strategic mindset and dedication to drive results will enable a relevant and sustainable change process. Collectively, our team has spent decades as CEO’s, managers, entrepreneurs, and coaches, in varying fields across multiple organizations. Harnessing the diversity of people with backgrounds in business, finance, marketing, research, education, theatre, sports, events management, and various social sciences, we are able to design a unique culture transformation experience for every need.

Together, we have worked in partnership with clients across all industries and in many parts of Asia. Some of us have been part of global projects.